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FT Chairman Pieter Labuschagne and Pump Track volunteer, Nic Stewart

FatTracks riders who have visited the Pump Track at the Containers on William Moffett may have bumped into Nic Stewart. He is a volunteer FatTracks trails assistant, and is doing a wonderful job helping the Club maintain and improve the Pump Track for all users.

While Nic is still relatively new to MTB, he’s already a talented rider, and he’s putting his passion for MTB into practice by spending some of his free time (when he’s not studying at home-school) at the Pump Track.

FT Chairman Pieter Labuschagne and Pump Track volunteer, Nic Stewart
FT Chairman Pieter Labuschagne and Pump Track volunteer, Nic Stewart

Here’s a little bit more about Nic. Please say ‘hi’ and thank him for his awesome work when you spot him on the trails!

FT: When did you first become interested in MTB?

Nic: I first became interested in MTB in the very beginning of lockdown around March 2020. My favorite part of MTB is the community and friends you make and the good memories you get.

FT: How did you get involved with FatTracks?

Nic: Igot involved with FatTracks because my folks have always had a membership and my dad mentioned to Andrew that I was keen to help on any of the course designs because I love digging and building.

What are you doing at the FatTracks Containers?

Nic: What I do at the Containers is just some general maintenance on the pump track like fixing the drainage and just building better takeoffs and cleaning some of the bush away.

What have you learned so far about the work you’re doing?

Nic: What I have learned so far from working at the Containers is just how much work it takes and volunteers you need to build a place such as Containers. It has just made me appreciate all the work you guys do there and that’s also why I work there to give back to the community because you can’t just ride the trails but never take time to help a little as well.

What do you hope to achieve at the Containers in 2022?

Nic: What I hope to achieve next year is to have more people riding there and to build some really great jumps and tracks for all riders that are fun and enjoyable.

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