Fat Tracks was the first Mountain Bicycle Club in South Africa. Established in 1989, the Club is a leader in the growth of Mountain Biking in South Africa and has seen substantial growth in the last three years. As a club we recognize the importance of catering for all mountain biking needs, irrespective of levels of discipline, fitness or skill.


Amongst other things, Fat Tracks Mountain Bike Club involves itself in:

  • Racing : We organize races catering for both novice and experienced riders.
  • Outrides : We have regular outrides. Outrides are a social type of event which is really just about getting out and riding mountain bikes whilst encouraging new entrants to the sport.
  • Chaperoned Valley rides: Our trail builders offer an escorted ride during the day for those who are fortunate enough to ride their bikes during normal work hours.
  • Skills rides: We do occasional rides where riders can learn to tackle obstacles and challenges that they might usually not try.
  • Trail maintenance: Key to our growth is the maintenance and development of the Baakens Valley trail network. We know our members like riding epic trails and as such will continue to provide awesome pedaling opportunities.


Over the past two years, Fattracks has been building, maintaining, and rehabilitating a number of trails around the Port Elizabeth area.

This is all made possible through the investment and sponsorship of Continental Tyre South Africa.

Here are some of our achievements:

  • 7000 hours of labour and supervision
  • 260 litres of fuel
  • In excess of 700 metres of weed eater cord
  • 150km of grass trimmed
  • 270km of trail developed / maintained
  • 3.9 tons of wood used to contain erosion
  • 4 river crossings reinstated
  • R200k spent
  • 300% increase in multi user trail use


Download the Fat Tracks Constitution.


Andrew Rist064 506 9490andrew@fattracks.co.za
Jerran Broadhurst071 882 1200jerran@fattracks.co.za
Andrea Shirley082 967 2455andrea.shirley@coega.co.za
Vicki Laing082 903 3230vslaing@hotmail.com
Justin Steyn083 651 1617 osc.justin@gmail.com
Chris Stottelaar072 398 7426chris@fattracks.co.za


You can check out the benefits of joing the club on our member benefits page.


The following people have been made honorary members in acknowledgement of their work and commitment to Moutain Biking and Fat Tracks Mountain Bike Club.

Errol BlackBrandon ElsJohan GerrytsRobbie Powell
Louis RossouwRob RudmanJohn-Lee Augustyn Tony Thorburn