Join our ‘tree’ drive! Donate a tree for the Valley

Baakens Bash
Ready for a different type of MTB challenge?

Be part of the transformation, rehabilitation, and maintenance of our incredible Valley.

Join our tree drive!

Our team of FatTracks trail builders are passionate about the valley and have invested thousands of man-hours and resources into building trails and managing their upkeep. These efforts make it safer for all trail users to enjoy what is truly one of our City’s gems.

We would LOVE our FatTracks members to physically be part of the valley……and no, we’re not getting all mystical.

Donate a tree and we’ll plant it with a geotag so you can watch it grow – leaving a legacy that visitors to the Valley can enjoy for generations to come. With your support, we’re hoping to do lots of planting in September!

Where to get a tree?

Indigenous trees only please!

  • You can get a tree from one of our fabulous local nurseries and drop these off for planting at your convenience. Contact one of our committee members for a delivery address and we’ll do the rest.
  • OR you can buy a tree at the Baakens Bash (taking place on 15 September)

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