Request for 2022 Committee nominations

Wendy Avenue crossing officially opened!
Join FatTracks for a weekend of riding, walking, food and some R&R at Hayterdale Trails in Addo.
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Greetings FatTracks members!As you will all be acutely aware, the 2021 year is closing in on us fast! We will be having our annual AGM in November and will notify you of a date for this shortly.

Committee Nominations

Ahead of the AGM, we always make a call to our members to stand for the committee. We encourage those of you would like to make yourselves available for this to please put your names forward. You can also nominate someone who you think would be a valuable asset to the FatTracks committee.

Fill in the form HERE to nominate yourself or someone else.

We can only progress with YOUR help

Our Club has made much progress over the last few years with trail development and maintenance being key to our growth. This is only possible through participation, and it is with this in mind that I ask for your nominations or applications to help carry the club forward.
We have put measures in place to streamline the management of the club, including from an administration perspective, but the various portfolios do require time to ensure that deliverables in these roles are satisfied.

Let’s keep the momentum going

The unfortunate reality is that without investing voluntary time into the committee and Club going forward, much of our progress to date will stagnate and we cannot afford to let this happen. If FatTracks does not continue to maintain the large portion of the Baakens Valley that we currently do, nobody else is going to.

By all means, please give me a call if you wish to discuss the nominations further and find out more about the responsibilities and time commitment involved. Alternatively, drop me a mail on

Andrew Rist

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