FatTracks CAM Series 2019: Entry & race details

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The FatTracks-Continental Ayton Memorial Series is an initiative by FatTracks in association with the support of our sponsor Continental.

Entry Procedure

  • All participants must have Strava to compete
  • All participants must be active FatTracks members to be eligible for the awards evening to be held at the annual FatTracks AGM
  • All participants will be required to join the FatTracks-Continental Ayton Memorial Series club on Strava
  • All participants must name their ride on Strava as the Continental CAM Series 1/2/etc

Race Procedure – Series 1

(1 August – 25 August)

PLEASE NOTE!! Everything possible has been done to ensure as accurate as possible readings. However, the organising committee will not be held responsible for errors in Strava, or misread sections as this is beyond our control. Should Strava incorrectly read your route, you time will not be used in timing and you will need to re-ride the route.


Click HERE to view RESULTS to date


If you were unable to compete, or missed out on Series 1, don’t despair, we have introduced some exciting ways you can catch up.

Race Procedure – Series 2

(1 Sept – 25 Sept)

In series 2, the usual points system applies, but there will be opportunities for you to catch-up, or extend your lead.


Series 2 will start on 01 September and close 25 September at 6pm. Make use of the long weekend, as your competition will too! Results for Series 2 will be released by the 30th September.


Should you finish with a KOM or QOM you will receive an additional 100 point bonus.

Sprint Segment:

There will also be two short Sprint Segments, where only the top 3 riders will be awarded bonus points – 150 for 1st, 120 for 2nd, 100 for third. This will only be available for the Enduro and Climb segments.

We hope that you are looking forward to the second series as much as we are.

WARNING!!! Series 3

(1 Oct – 28 Oct)

Our final series of 2019, CAM 3, is aLIVE!

And it proves to be the most heart wrenching and stomach-turning series yet! The route is filled with some brand new, beautifully cut trails, and it really lends itself to some fun riding.

  • The XCO and the CLIMB are short, but as they say – dynamite comes in small packages!
  • The ENDURO route is featured off the XCO route for the first time this year, and it really opens up as a super-fast, technical route.

Please be on your game, as this route has some really technical, loose, off-camber and tight, fast turns, and can easily result in a washout or OTB. So please ride safely and within your capabilities at all times.

As with Series 2, there is again a chance to catch up to the pack if you are sitting a bit further back. To really set the-cat-amongst-the-pigeons, in series 3 we are doubling the bonuses!


Series 3 will start on 01 October and close 28 October at 7pm.

Results for Series 3 will be released at the Annual FatTracks AGM (Time and Date TBC) as we wish to keep you all in suspense. Prize-winners will be notified, and prizes are attendance based awards.

These will be live from 01 October:


Sorry – no bonuses for the champs this time round.

Sprint segments and bonus points:

There will be no Sprint Segments in series 3; however, there will be TOP 5 bonus points for this series, where only the top 5 riders will be awarded bonus points:

  • 300 for 1st
  • 240 for 2nd
  • 200 for 3rd
  • 150 for 4th
  • 100 for 5th

This will be available for ALL sections, XCO, CLIMB and ENDURO.

Chairman bonus for series 2? What happened?

To create the stoke, we had an additional 50pts on offer for anyone that beat the chairman… sadly, due to the panic that this created for the chairman, he took a little tumble while trying to get fit, and was out of commission for the month of September… Will he make a return for series 3? We will wait and see…

All the best with the training! Ride Hard, Ride Safe, and please always wear a helmet and be aware of others making use of the trails.


  • E-Bikes are more than welcome to ride.
  • You must choose to ride either E-bike or normal MTB, you may not compete in both sections.
  • We ask that if you are riding on an ebike, that you please email chris@FatTracks.co.za with your name, and your strava name so that we may allocate you times to your own section.


  • To be eligible to win prizes at the end of the year function, you MUST compete in ALL 3 of the CAM series.
  • Section winners could be eligible to win a 2020 FatTracks Membership

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