Clarity on access to bike parks and trails

CAM Series results + AGM + Old-school FatTracks Group Ride!
CAM Series Results 2018

Dear members,

For clarity, please note that access to (PE Golf Club) PEGC trails is not covered by the FatTracks subs. This has been the case since the beginning of 2018, and as per member benefits listed on the website.

Member subs cover access to Norm Hudlin and 3 Rivers. We also cover the costs to ride Mayhem in Thursday night which is very well supported.

Change in membership packages

Going forward, we’ve decided to offer Standard and Premium membership for 2019.

As always, our commitment to continue maintaining and developing awesome trails in the Baakens Valley will continue and a large portion of our subs goes towards this.

We know our members are incredibly passionate about the Valley and ride these trails more often than all the others put together. Look out for our new flow line which will be getting some drops, berms and rollers in a few weeks’ time!

What’s to come in 2019?

We’ll confirm the 2019 costs and detailed benefits shortly but here’s a taste of what these will include:

The Standard rates will reduce in cost from our current subs but continue to cover Mayhem and Norm Hudlin access.

The Premium membership rates will increase and include Mayhem, Norm Hudlin, the fantastic trails at 3 Rivers and CG Bike Park. CG is a slick new bike park which is due to launch and the end of this year and will bring a whole different dynamic to Mountain Biking in Port Elizabeth!

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