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Well done! You’ve reached the ‘downhill’ part of the year… it only gets better from here!

PLUS summer’s on its way, so there will be loads more opportunities to get out into nature and enjoy the awesome MTB trails in Port Elizabeth, around the Eastern Cape, and even further afield.

The FatTracks trail builders have been working hard throughout winter to make sure that your favourite PE trails have been repaired and maintained, and are ready for the months ahead.

We’ve even forged a few new paths for you to explore!

In order to continue our work in the Baakens Valley and around Port Elizabeth, we need to keep building up our membership database of passionate MTB enthusiasts – like yourself. With just over current 700 members, FatTracks is aiming to reach 1000 members by year end… and we’d love it if you helped us get there!

If you’ve been delayed with renewing your membership, and keep on “meaning to do it” but just don’t get a chance, then NOW is the time… a MONTHLY DEBIT ORDER option is the easiest and most cost-effective way of paying your subs.

Instead of paying the full annual fee for the remaining months of the year, you can opt for a debit order instead. Simple, inexpensive and it’ll take care of your membership subs for years to come.

Click here to download the debit order form. Send the completed form and FatTracks number to to re-activate your FatTracks membership.

Annual cost     Monthly debit order     Membership
R415   R37   Standard member
R175   R16   Standard Spouse
R125   R11   Standard dependent under 18
R685   R61   Family Membership incl Spouse & 3 dependents (under 18)
R125   R11   Family Membership – additional dependent (under 18)
R275  R25   Pensioner  Main Member (over 60)
R125  R11   Pensioner Spouse (over 60)

And don’t forget the fantastic member benefits which you can qualify for – including meal discounts at popular restaurants, discounts on tyres, discounts at participating cycle stores, and loads of other great benefits (take a look at the full list here).

Help us reach our goal of 1000 members by year end!  Email

We’d love to have you back on board and part of the growing FatTracks family…

Kind Regards
Andrew Rist
FatTracks Chairman

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