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FatTracks: May update from Andrew Rist
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CAM Series 1: Things are hotting up! Find out where you stand:


The Continental Ayton Memorial (CAM) Series is an initiative by Fattracks in association with the support of our sponsor Continental Tyre South Africa.

Things are getting really competitive especially on the CAM XCO Loop, with 30seconds separating the top 5 over the 10km distance.

Please remember you have to be a member of the Strava CAM Series Club and the times for Series 1 are only valid for the month of June.

CAM Series – When to record your times

In order to make the series even more inclusive, the FatTracks committee has decided to slightly alter the way that the CAM Series will be run. We will open the segments for time recording on the first day of the month, and we will close the segments on the 3rd Sunday of that same month.

Click here to find out more…

Please contact or if you have any queries.

JUST 7 days left to record your times.

Good luck!


Prelim results todate:


  1. Justin Steyn
  2. Dean York
  3. Gary Martin
  4. Brett Young
  5. Alan Van Deventer
  6. Chris Stottelaar
  7. Mark Scherer
  8. Peter Ryder
  9. Andrew Briggs
  10. Andrew Rist
  11. Jose Vieira
  12. Ashton Ferreira
  13. Trevor Wall
  14. Charlie Jackson
  15. Ron Scherer
  16. Con Blom
  17. Alan De Klerk
  18. Matt Elliott
  19. Sven Mahieu
  20. Marc Brown
  21. Phil Bromley-Gans



  1. Chris Stottelaar
  2. Dean York
  3. Trevor Wall
  4. Andrew Rist
  5. Alan Van Deventer
  6. Ashton Ferreira
  7. Peter Ryder
  8. Jose Vieira
  9. Andrew Briggs
  10. Ron Scherer
  11. Gary Martin
  12. Alan de Klerk
  13. Charlie Jackson
  14. Mark Scherer
  15. Matt Elliott
  16. Con Blom
  17. Sven Mahieu
  18. Brett Young
  19. Phil Bromley-Gans



  1. Ashton Ferreira
  2. Trevor Wall
  3. Peter Ryder
  4. Alan Van Deventer
  5. Jose Vieira
  6. Charlie Jackson
  7. Dean York
  8. Alan De Klerk
  9. Gary Martin
  10. Andrew Briggs
  11. Chris Stottelaar
  12. Andrew Rist
  13. Sven Mahieu
  14. Matt Elliott
  15. Ron Scherer
  16. Mark Scherer

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