FatTracks: May update from Andrew Rist

Continental Ayton Memorial Series
CAM Series 1

Greetings Trail Hooligans, Sedate Pedallers, Weekend Warriors and Newbies,

Herewith an update for the first quarter of 2018… and a bit!


We’re happy to report that membership as of the end of April stands at 708 members! Welcome to those who have joined our club for the first time and thank you to those who have renewed their membership. Without the ongoing support of you, our members, and our primary sponsor, Continental Tyres South Africa, it would be very difficult for the club to continue doing the work it does.

We’re fortunate to have access to the fantastic trails in the Baakens Valley and subsidised riding at Norm Hudlin and Three Rivers. Whenever I ride with visitors to our city, they comment on the proximity and quality of the trails – something that many cities in the country can’t match.CAM Series

CAM Series

We’re excited to have launched the CAM Series which will kick off with the first “race” this month. It’s a great new format and already has a large following.

We anticipate this sort of racing to grow over the next few years. It’s flexible, dynamic and suits our clubs need for informal competition down to the tee! Look out for an explanatory email detailing every aspect of how this works shortly. For more general info, check the website here: www.FatTracks.co.za/news/camseries


Since the beginning of the year we’ve put in two new stretches of trail including: “Crank it down/Spank it up” and “General’s Gauntlet”.

The intention is for “Crank it” to become a bermed flow trail with a few drops of varying height that allows our members to develop a skill set to suit this style of riding.

Whilst we still have a lot of work to do on the “General’s Gauntlet”, this will always be a technical ride. It’s there to challenge a rider’s ability with switchbacks, punchy climbs, rock gardens and off-camber drops. If you can ride this from start to finish without putting a foot down, then you should be assured that you can tackle most trails.

Landowner access

One of the bonuses of being a FatTracks member is that you get to enjoy the great riding at Three Rivers and Norm-Hudlin as part of your yearly subs. This arrangement is largely thanks to the sponsorship we get from Continental Tyres South Africa who effectively subsidise the fees that would normally be applicable.

This being said, the land owners themselves have been very accommodating by agreeing to a FatTracks rate and changing their registration books to include a section for our members to complete their details. It is essential that these books are completed in full and that details are legible.

Three Rivers and Norm-Hudlin only get paid by FatTracks when they provide documented proof that you (the member) signed in through their registration book. If a name or FatTracks number is missing or not legible, then the ride cannot be claimed.

Further to this, and as previously communicated, you need to have your bike board in place if you are to access partner trails.

Between the sign-in books on occasion not been completed and some members not riding with their bike boards, the landowners are understandably getting a little annoyed. This arrangement can only continue to work with your help.

Please respect both the Club and landowners’ requirements and do your bit.

First Try Friday

After launching this initiative at the beginning of the month, we’ve enjoyed the fantastic videos that have been submitted and posted on our YouTube account.

A certain committee member’s spectacular dismount in his driveway was an absolute pearl, but it was Daniel Meyburgh who won the shirt with the highest number of ‘likes’ on his video on YouTube.


Please continue to send us your vids which will be aired each Friday. (Send them to ftadmin@FatTracks.co.za)

FatTracks member benefits

As a start I must apologise for getting the deal at Bridge Street Brewery wrong.

Our discount is limited to craft beer and house wine only, NOT FOOD which is what I had initially understood. However, FatTracks has done its bit to make up for this and we will shortly confirm additional discounts at some great Bay West stores. Look out for these!


This has taken some time, but we’re almost there.

The new gear should be available for trying on and testing towards the end of the month. This will include race and trail riding cloth, t-shirts, water bottles … and possibly some socks

Pedal hard, have fun and enjoy your weekend!


Andrew Rist, FatTracks Chairman

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