Conti Meerkat Challenge 2016

On 25 April 2016 the Conti Meerkat Challenge was hosted outside Port Elizabeth.

This mountain bike race was organised by a group of friends as a memorial race for Sonnica Kensley, who was one of this group of friends. Sonnica was tragically killed in a cycling accident while training on her MTB with her husband Clayton. The name ‘Meerkat’ was decided on because of the upright ‘meerkat position’ that Sonnica had when riding her MTB.

Sonnica and her friends was passionate about a community project to help ‘street children’ and it was decided that the proceeds from this memorial event will go towards their community project. This group of friends, led by Chanel Rood, approached Fattracks to facilitate the event and help with the CSA compliance etc.

We at Fattracks immediately joined forces with Chanel and saw this as an opportunity to give something back to the community through the sport of MTB’ing.

The Sinethemba Children's care centre in Stanford rd Port Elizabeth, was started in 2000 by mama Signoria and her Husband Leo Qolani. Signoria grew up in the streets and it was her dream to help children get off the street and be taken care of.

There are 26 Children that are brought up in Sinethemba by mama Signoria and Leo. Their daughter, Sive, also helps with running this "small" household. To feed, school and clothe all the kids are a challenge and the surrounding businesses do a lot to contribute. There are also volunteers that help out with tasks and spending time with the children.

The Conti Meerkat Challenge was a huge success and raised in total R18 409 through entry fees and sponsors of which Continental Tyre was the biggest contributor. The funds donated will go towards school uniforms, school stationary as well as some urgent necessities around the property of the Sinethemba Childrens home.

The photo was taken at the handover of the donation to Sinethemba.

We want to also mention the following contributors; Klinicare Pharmacies, Khanya Cleaning services, The Hub boutique hotel, Pine Lodge, Greenways medical Centre, Nutritech, Thule PE, Sophie Chandler and Associates, Michelle Cremer and all the other volunteers.




Upper Baakens Crowd Funding

Another amazing happening this year was the spontaneous funding to develop the Baakens Valley Trail beyond William Moffett and up to Kragga Kamma Road.

It was started off by FT club member Alan Mounsear-Wilson who, on 23 August, posted on the Member WhatsApp group that he will put in R5 000 and challenged members to contribute so that this new trail can be established and renewed. By that evening we had +/- R12 000 in the Fattracks bank Account and things got ‘out of control’ as individuals, families and members’ businesses came forward with donations. By the end of the next day we had +/- R25 000 and the total climbed to R34 600 the following day !!!!!!! HOW IS THAT??

The most ‘creative donation’ was from member Mark Hunter-Smith of Algoa Brick who donated Bricks and realising we cannot do much with that on a MTB trail, donated the bricks to Build-It in Sunridge Park where they gave Fattracks a R5000 credit on an account to buy stuff for the project.

Paul Roux, Committee member who lives in Sunridge park and who has been working quietly on that Upper Baakens trail being on his doorstep, suddenly had a problem!! He had the funds and now must make it work!!

Well, the trail is there, it’s ride able and marked!! There are challenges of which the biggest is the crossing of William Moffett under the main bridge. There are people sleeping / living there and it is filthy. We are working on a few ideas about that!!

We have spent some of the money but have got lots left and keep a careful track of spending!

Memberships and AGM

Membership renewals and new ones are coming in fast! As this morning we have 88 paid up members for 2017; that’s GREAT! Thank you!

We will start with the bike boards and member cards by 15 January 2017 and in the meantime keep your paper confirmation handy when riding PEGC and Norm Hudlin.

The Fattracks AGM will happen at the end of January 2017 and you will get notification of that with the agenda.

With the notification we will also send out a description of portfolios on the Committee and nomination forms so that any member can nominate someone for a position if they want to get involved that way.


See you in the bush



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