Welcome to our second newsletter of 2016!

Chairman's Report

Hi Guys and Girls

Things are working so well at Fattracks; Trail team at BV (Andrew Rist) and FTNH (Ian Pearson) going flat-out, very successful BestDrive Member function, new FT Cycle shirt launched and taking orders (members only), Early Bird T-Shirts done and handed out at Brubar Social and membership numbers growing above expectations!!


We started 2015 renewing 221 members from the previous year. 86 never renewed and we still ended 2015 on 252 members!!

This year we started renewing those members and to date 93 haven't renewed for 2016!! Our target for this year was 300 members and while we were working on a special prize for member number 300 we screamed past 300 and set ourselves a new target of 350!!! Today we are standing on 391 members – how'zzz that!!!??

Mervin Francis (1110) was lucky number 350 and won the prize!

CSA Insurance

I recently renewed my CSA (Cycling SA) license which I do only to not have to pay the R35 day license fee at a CSA sanctioned event. Last year this cost R75 which made it a no-brainer but this year suddenly it was R200!!! This made me look twice at the actual benefits that you get from CSA? The biggest single benefit is Hollard medical cover of R20 000 for medical expenses when you are in a cycling accident. I read the policy wording and was looking for the catch when I saw on the website a testimonial by a MTB'er called Sjoerd Douwenga (Treasurer of Sedibeng Cycling); it went like this:

Sjoerd's story

Fact: I got injured (broke my elbow) during a MTB training session 24/09/2015

Fact: My hospital bill and medical expenses added up more than R50 000

Fact: All my medical bills were settled by my Medical Fund, everything was fully paid.

Fact: All CSA members are covered by an insurance that CSA organised on our behalf with Hollard.

Fact: I spoke to Bill Mcintosh at Hollard Insurers, the dedicated person for CSA medical claims, and told him that everything was paid.

Fact: Bill said that although everything was paid by my medical aid, they will still pay their dues, up to R20 000.

Fact: I got my payment into my account Friday 30/10/2015, R20 000!!!

I immediately thought of Cecelia Oelofsen (FT member we all know) who broke her leg a while ago on a Baakens Valley ride, and phoned her, this is her story:

Cecelia's story

On the 1st of June whilst riding out with the Fattracks Group thru the Valley I fell and landed up in Hospital.

Compound Fracture of the Tibia as well as Fracturing the Fibula!!! 4 Days in Hospital and Proud owner of a Rod and Screws.

"Bike Is OK"

Thankfully we have Hospital Cover, so we were not too worried.

This unfortunately does cover the "out of hospital" costs that can add up very quickly. (Wound Dressing, X-rays, Medication, Check-ups, Physio etc.)

Remembering we are Members of the CSA and reading about the Hollard Cover I phoned them and they promptly sent me the forms. Two (2) Pages.

I filled out the forms with the Doctors Medical Certificate and I then sent off the Documents with The Hospital Account (which Medical Aid Paid already) and copies of my CSA License and I.D. (Simple and Easy).

Within ten (10) days of them receiving my claim and all supporting documents Hollard Insurance paid out.

The amount that they paid out goes a long way to help covering the cost that you were not budgeting for.

Thank you Hollard Insurance

It's not rocket science to work out that if you ride 4 events a year that's R140 saving and the other R60 is for R20 000 medical cover for the year!!

I rest my case... see you in the Bush!!


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The Trail Report

Greetings trail hooligans, sedate pedlars, newbies and weekend warriors,

Whilst I'd expected a slowdown in trail traffic to the usual winter numbers, this hasn't really happened. Night riders can be seen traversing the valley with their lights slicing through the darkness on most evenings and the weekends are busy with not only MTB's but runners and families walking too. This is what Fattracks are striving for, feet through the valley!

Progress over the past six weeks has been going quite well. In fact, if you think of what our Trail Crew has accomplished in the past four months, Ned and Joe certainly deserve a beer or two! It's HARD work slogging it out to get the trails back in shape and your positive cheers, comments and thumbs up on the trails are much appreciated. This being said, I'd like to take the opportunity to put our efforts in perspective. To a large extend we are only rejuvenating trails that have been built up over many years. It’s important to remember the thousands of hours that past trail builders have poured into the valley, often working alone, with limited equipment and for the most without due recognition. The likes of the Jouberts and Jacksons, Tony Thorburn, Stephen Craddock, Scott Kelly, Jeremy Orton and Morne Knoetze to name but a few sculpted much of what we ride today. Thanks you guys for laying the basis of our current trail network!

The list of stuff to do is a never ending one but this is what we've managed to do since our last update:

  1. After the theft of many of our steel trail marking posts, the TC have been planting recycled plastic versions which should hopefully survive. Getting the trail arrows and numbered markers reinstated is something that we'll push to get finished in July.
  2. The remainder of the mayhem loop has received attention and rides with a lot more flow... and hopefully less chances of tearing side walls on some of those sharp rocks!
  3. Randcivils has very kindly come on board as our official "Earth movers" and have helped with both erosion control, clearing some of the illegal dumping and getting some earth berms sculpted. These will take a long while to get sorted out properly but it's a great start. They have saved us hundreds of man-hours through the twice yearly sponsoring of a Skid steer and TLB. As with our main sponsors Continental, a huge thanks for their involvement.
  4. "Killer downhill" has had somewhat of a makeover with the eroded sections being rehabilitated and some proper drainage ditches being installed. Further to this, the top section of the trail has seen a couple of hours of TLC and some rather nice wooded berms have appeared near the bottom of the run. Needless to say that its back to being a fairly fast section to ride and it'll be interesting to see what the Strava times have to show in the next while. Please ride within your limits! On this note, we've decided to limit traffic on this route, with the speeds and numbers bikes heading down, it's only a question of time before a runner or walker gets injured. The TC recently cut a new parallel route which should mitigate the risk. Its still very fresh but needs wheels and feet to bed it down so give it a go. With this now in place, "Killer Downhill" will be a down route for MTB's only. The new trail, known as "Cannons" will allow for trail runners and walkers on the down run and include MTB's on the up. Guys, please respect the direction of flow and be courteous to other users.
  5. Much of the southern section of the Conti loop has also seen the Randcivils TLB. Again, it was the erosion that we are trying to limit and unfortunately you have to hurt a little before you can help. I'm happy to say though that the runoff control has worked and that limiting the upper section to a single path is slowly starting show its worth. The next time you ride along this section, have a look at the little sprouts of green that are starting to show themselves between the hundreds of pine planks that were laid.
  6. Exciting news is that work on new stone gabions crossings at Dormy Place, Target Kloof and Thomas Road has recently been finished . The crossings are low slung in design and installed to allow water over them whilst in flood. The little rain we had last week did actually flood Dormy Place and we're pleased that the flow was directed as intended. Fattracks is working with Baakens Valley Action to try and find funding for another 12 crossings. This will allow us to once again link together all the old trails that went up as far as Kragga Kamma. If you know of a business that might be up to sponsoring one of these, please let me know and we can meet with them to discuss our funding proposal. You can get hold of me via andrew@fattracks.co.za


The Trail Crew

Trail Marker
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Competitions and General

Fattracks Monthly Strava Challenge

strava logo June July Strava Challenge

Well done to Phil Bromley-Gans and Kelsey van Schoor for winning this months Strava Challenge.


  1. No Helmet... No Ride!
  2. No Bike Board... No Free Ride!
  3. Bike boards must be visible on handle bars.
  4. Respect land owners & property.
  5. Respect the trails and markers.
  6. Ride only on marked routes.
  7. Do heed to Golfers teeing off.
  8. Do not litter.
  9. Do not smoke on any trails.
  10. Do not interfere with wildlife.
  11. Do not feed or hurt animals.
  12. Report anything contravening this code.
Social Rides

Watch our Facebook page and Whatsapp groups for up to date information on our social rides.

Don't forget about our social rides that happen on a Wednesday and a Saturday.

These rides are by their very nature social rides and everyone is welcome. The speed, technical level and distance are determined by the group that arrives on the day.

The Wednesday ride is the more intermediate of the two rides and is aptly called the Valley Ride. The Saturday ride is a family, beginner and childrens ride and is held at Norm Hudlin Trails. The only social ride that is organised and hosted by the committee is the Wednesday ride.


  • Time 16h00.
  • Starting point: It varies, but normally at Walmer Golf Course (WGC) with a pick up at Profiles at 16:20.
  • Distance: Normally 15km to 25kms - depends on the group.


  • Time: 14h30.
  • Starting point: Conti Fattracks Norm Hudlin Trails, just off Kragga Kamma.
  • Distance: Up to you. There are various routes from 6km to 14km.


Remember, we all ride at our own risk! No helmet, no ride!

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