24th June 2018

The FatTracks-Continental Ayton Memorial Series is an initiative by FatTracks in association with the support of our sponsor Continental.

Entry Procedure:

  • All participants must have Strava to compete (http://strava.com/clubs/CAMSERIES)
  • All participants must be active FatTracks members to be eligible for the awards evening to be held at the annual FatTracks AGM
  • All participants will be required to join the FatTracks-Continental Ayton Memorial Series club on Strava (http://strava.com/clubs/CAMSERIES)
  • All participants must name their ride on Strava as the Continental CAM Series 1/2/etc

 Each series consists of:

  • One loop or A-Z ride, that is made public – to cater for the Cross-Country Bunny. 
  • One or two Hidden Downhill segments – to cater for the Enduro Junkie. 
  • One or two Hidden uphill segments – to cater for the Pain Seekers
  • One hidden pop-up segment that is live only for the day, and not revealed - the results are only made known to members at the end of season function – awards to be attendance based

Stay tuned to our social media platforms for news on orientation rides and event dates.

Ride hard, because the TOTAL TIMES produce the overall winners.

CAM Series – When to record your times

In order to make the series even more inclusive, the FatTracks committee has decided to slightly alter the way that the CAM Series will be run.

We will open the segments for time recording on the first day of the month, and we will close the segments on the 3rd Sunday of that same month.

This is to allow our members enough time to fit the rides in, and also means that we cater to the needs of many more. It offers flexibility when it comes to clashes with other races, poor weather or business and family requirements.

Therefore the first CAM series will officially start on Friday, 1 June.

We look forward to seeing you out on the trails!



Series Orientation  Ride

1 June - 17 June

CAM Series 1 :
Baakens Valley Loop 

Download the GPX file here.

Wednesday 16 May

1 July - 15 July

CAM Series 2 :
Norm Hudlin



XCO at Norm Hudlin

Wednesday 20 June

1 August -  19 August

CAM Series 3 :
3 Rivers Trails    

Saturday 21 July

1 September -    16 September

CAM Series 4 :
3 Rivers Trails  

Saturday 25 August

1 October -    21 October

CAM Series 5 :
Baakens Valley A-Z 

Wednesday 19 September

1 November - 18 November

CAM Series 6 :

Details of event TBD


Click here for more info on the Series…

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